greens and beans

For the very first meal of the CSA season we had spicy greens and beans.  I sauteed up our spinach with garlic and red pepper flakes in olive oil.  (For the kids I did just a few leaves in only the oil.)  Then I topped the spinach with some white beans that I had cooked.  I jazzed them up with garlic and a splash each of Trader Joe's Chili Pepper Sauce and some sriracha hot sauce.  While this would have been wonderful as a meal on its own, we added grilled bacon brats from Fischer Farms, a local farm that supplies pork to all the local "locavore" restaurants.  It was quite a combination!  The smoke and salt in the meat was perfect to offset the slight bitterness of the spinach and the spicy flavors.  The kids ate their "no thank you portions" of the spinach and enjoyed the rest sans hot pepper sauce.  We finished off the meal with sugar snap peas and strawberries fresh from the St. Paul Farmers' Market.
I love summer!


  1. Love that lens. And I like the term, "No thank you portion!"

  2. That's from growing up at my house. It works pretty well. We also like the "as many bites as you are years old" rule.