First Days of Summer

Summer has finally arrived in Minnesota.  The warmer weather is here and the garden is starting to show progress.  We have a pepper out there, quite a few small, green strawberries and flowers on the two cherry tomato plants.  Progress!  That is one sign of summer.  There are so many... sunburns, wet bathing suits in the bathtub, laundry drying on the line.  These few things have been trickling in over the last few weeks, but it took until today to really feel like summer for me.  A trip to the library for more books to read (our second in 24 hours), a stop by a favorite ice cream shop for an afternoon treat (the most delicious strawberry rhubarb ice cream), and then the first CSA veggie pick-up of the year.  See that big bunch of basil in the front?  That is what tipped the scales into summer for me.  The scent of that huge bunch of basil did it.  Summer is here!

As you can see, our first box is bursting with green, as usual.  Two heads of leaf lettuce, a huge head of Napa Cabbage, basil, dill, and spring onions.  (We are still doing a spilt share with a neighbor and friend.)  You can also see her generous donation of a ton of rhubarb from her yard.  

I have one pint of mashed strawberries left from last summer (we are still about a week or so away from u-pick season here) and after this afternoon, I have my heart set on making one of these two recipes.  Or maybe even both!

What have you been getting in your CSA shares?  Or are you already harvesting from your own gardens?  Tell me, please!

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