2014 Week 1

I didn't get to this week's veggies until this morning...we had a bit of an emergency with a flooded basement Thursday. Luckily, my veggie share partner, good friend, and neighbor Kathy had bagged our veggies up nicely so they were still in great shape when Nora and I got around to them this morning. We got a huge head of lettuce, lots of spinach, beautiful basil, rainbow Swiss chard, and scallions.  We used some of the lettuce on burgers at lunch today. It was wonderful! 

My meal plans for the week include pasta with torn basil and olive oil, Swiss chard and scallion quiche, green smoothies, and lettuce wraps. All old favorites! 

I will share a new recipe for sweet and sour collard greens later this week. I planted two collards in our backyard garden this year and they are really producing.

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