A beautiful mess

I was halfway through cleaning and processing our veggies from last week when I remembered to take a picture for this space.  It's taken me forever to post it because we've been out of town.  So here we go, the list and some of the meals we have planned.
basil, beets and beet greens: luscious beet salad from Feeding the Whole Family
(I dream of this salad it is sooo good!)
broccoli: snacking
dill and parsley:  herbed yogurt dip for veggies
fennel:  greek fennel skillet from Simply in Season
zucchini, fennel, and scallions:  zucchini, fennel, and sausage pie (holdover from last week)
lettuce: salads and green smoothies
swiss chard:  chard and sausage pizza
garlic scapes:  save for future use in pasta and eggs

I am so, so excited that beets are in season now.  I just LOVE them!  And to think that just 2 years ago I let Neal eat them all himself.  I'm not too sure he likes this new development.
What kinds of exciting veggies have you been getting lately?

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  1. mmm, beets are one of my favorites. I've never tried Cynthia's beet salad recipe!