Pinterest Recipe Round-up

I've tried a few new veggies recipes from pinterest in the past few weeks.  All have had some level of success.

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The light creamed spinach was by far the fan-favorite.  It was also the only recipe I altered.  Instead of using frozen chopped spinach, I used this recipe to clean out my vegetable drawer and I used up a bunch of greens that we had around.  I took the rest of the swiss chard, napa cabbage, and beet greens that we had in the drawer and removed the stems, chopped them, and steamed them.  Then I let them cool, drained them completely, and used them as I would have the frozen spinach as called for in the recipe.  This was so very good and the kids went crazy for it.  Nora (age 3) was so disappointed when Neal packed up the last little bit for his lunch the next day instead of giving her thirds!

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The dill pickles were a close second.  The kids really liked these a lot.  I didn't have Kirby cucumbers and I just used the large one that came in our box.  I sliced them into rounds and we ate them on burgers and on their own.

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We all agreed that the cabbage needed a bit of tweaking but it was surely edible.  I have a feeling I will be able to perfect it this fall.  Maybe a bit of cider vinegar instead of the lemon juice would do the trick?

Have you tried any new recipes from around the web lately? Do share!

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