checking in

Happy day to you!

I was out of town over the weekend came home to my CSA bag lovingly refrigerated by my neighbor and CSA partner.

I found some kale in there and made some of Kerry's Kale Chips. My one and a half year old ate them with me. Oh so good!

And I do think I tasted my first radish ever tonight. I remember my grandma would make a plate of green onions, radishes and carrots and salt. I honestly don't think I ever ate a radish. What a unique flavor. One that will take some getting used to, but also one I think I'll eventually crave.

There are also a good handful of garlic scapes. Wendy had some garlic scape recipes on her blog today for inspiration.

We received our first zucchini and I'm wondering zucchini bread or bread zucchini. There will be many more on the way!

What's happening in your kitchen?


  1. Yum--made those kale chips last year! You're welcome, and thanks back! I think you guys have a great idea with this blog!

  2. Made kale chips for snack this afternoon. We bought an extra bunch at the Kingfield farmers market this weekend. I LOVE radishes with salt sprinkled on them. Yum!